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Auto Dispatch, what is it?

The purpose of Auto Dispatch is to gain precise real-time information on reaction officers’ location and reduce the response time of the dispatcher in case of an emergency. When you activate a panic, alarm, electric fence or anything linked to a radio, it triggers a coded signal in our command centre. The signal is decoded and prioritized with your details visible to the controller. Simultaneously the signal is received directly onto our Tom Tom Tablets in the reaction vehicle, this is known as Auto Dispatch which cuts down the time delay between the signal to the command centre and the controller to the vehicle ensuring faster reaction times.

When the signal is received, the command centre will contact the reaction officer and confirm that he is proceeding to the premises –unless the reaction officer accepts the call via is Auto Dispatch tablet before the command centre. The command centre will contact you on your preferred contact number. If it is a false alarm, you will be required to quote your cancellation code or password. If the controller is not entirely satisfied with your response the vehicle will continue en-route and deal with the situation accordingly. If there is a problem but you are still able to communicate with the controller, please indicate clearly what the emergency is. The controller will then dispatch the appropriate reaction team. If you know that the activation is a false alarm, don’t wait for our controllers to contact you, please contact our command centre to cancel.

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At TRSS your safety is always our number one priority, and we know that fast response times is what saves lives therefore we rely on the best technology to ensure we get to you and your loved ones within minutes!

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