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Security officers cannot be everywhere all the time, therefore it is important for technology to be implemented to ensure that there are more eyes and ears on your premises. Often officers cannot patrol sites due to the layout and infrastructure.

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We strategically place CCTV cameras throughout the premises and along the perimeter wall with analytics and trip switches causing activations in our 24 hour command centre. These images pop up on our system using blank screen technology to ensure that false alarms do not cause the dispatch of unnecessary resources.

Our highly trained personnel also conduct virtual patrols from our command center on a random basis on each and every site. Footage is verified to not have been tampered with. This also ensures the safety of our own staff on site.

Virtual guarding cannot replace boots on the ground, but it certainly takes security to the next level. This is a proactive approach to security and criminals are detected before a crime occurs and officers are not ambushed as they know how many criminals are approaching and where they are. Relevant back up is dispatched and the crime is avoided.

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Off-Site monitoring enables us to setup virtual trip-wires to activate alerts in the case of a suspicious event. This means that our control room operator can now monitor your area with a more focused and acute awareness.

Our security camera systems for residential and estate living will assure peace of mind not only for your tenants, but also for you – building owners and property management companies, granting invaluable 24/7 on-site and remote access video monitoring and surveillance.

From safeguarding employees, customers, assets and inventory, to monitoring your employee’s productivity and reducing the threat of burglary, vandalism and false insurance claims, commercial security camera systems are a must-have measure for any business, regardless of its size or industry.

Our security camera systems easily integrate with third-party security systems such as access control systems and visitor management and video analytics software, enabling you to further enhance security measures by keeping detailed and verified video records of people who enter the premises, including dates and times.

From homes and residential buildings to offices and businesses, commercial spaces and governmental, hospitality, healthcare and educational facilities – everywhere you look, surveillance cameras become the essential solution for safety, security, insurance compliance and even liability reduction.

When it comes to your safety and the security of your assets, don’t compromise. With an offsite monitoring solution from TRSS, you can rest assured that you have on going recordings of all the activities that happen on your site, and that a proactive approach will be taken if the security on your premises is breached.

Security threats in South Africa continue to change on a daily basis. Keep your family, colleagues and clients safe by providing a secure environment that is monitored by an established and trusted security company.

"Safety doesn’t happen by accident"