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We believe in the “onion approach” where layers of security are added to your premises making it increasingly difficult for criminals to access the site.

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Our aim is to set up barriers so that criminals move on to the next site, and if it is a TRSS site, then they will have to move on yet again. 

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As a leading provider of innovative security solutions to high-risk, client-focused environments, we are enhancing total value through service excellence and leading-edge products that improve client benefit and final client experience.


Electric fencing is highly effective in both detecting an intruder and deterring him/her from entering your premises. The quality of your installation is directly related to the effectiveness of your fence. Wherever possible, electric fences should be wired in series with alternating live and neutral strands with gaps of no more that 100mm, the final height of your fence should exceed “crouch height” to prevent stepping over.

TRSS has secured many complexes and road closures using a combination of products including freestanding electric fencing, wall top electric fencing and palisade fencing.

Full free standing electric fencing starting at 20-strands and 2 meters high but recommended to be 2.4 meters high with 24-strands. Once you have installed your electric fence the greatest risk of a perimeter breach, even though this chance is very small, is the possibility of a person digging under your full fence or smashing through your pre-cast wall.

The risk needs to be assessed and the following can be done to reduce or eliminate this possibility. The bottom strand should always be live!

  • To lay a full concrete foundation below the fence (300mm x 300mm wide and deep).
  • A live anti-dig (offset bracket) strand +/- 50mm off the ground and +/- 200mm in front of your freestanding fence.
  • To install anti-lift hooks (figure of 8) – this will ensure that entry can only be gained by digging a full hole not just lifting the bottom strands. Attached to the wall or knocked into the ground.
  • Pre-cast walls should have 24-strand Piggy Back fencing from the top to bottom wherever there is open land, veld, golf courses or a river behind as this has proven to be the most likely form of entry if only wall top electric fencing is installed.
  • Floating Anti-lift Rings – Have also become very popular due to break-ins where wires have been separated. At least 4 Anti-lift Rings between brackets on full freestanding fences. At least 2 Anti-lift Rings between brackets on wall top fencing. All to be used in conjunction with the figure of 8 Anti-lift Rings.
  • Support posts should be 3 meters apart.

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Cameras have built in analytics that allows you to set up “trip zones”. These zones alert the security officer and control center of any motion within this area. Footage is analyzed to assess the necessary action required. This pro-active approach ensures that you do not have criminals hiding in premises or ambushing the security personnel.

It is very important to ensure that the correct cameras are used for the required application and result. Cheap cameras and poor installations will cost you more in the long run. We only make use of high quality equipment and trusted suppliers who can also maintain these systems.



Are available with various size lenses to ensure that you are able to see the picture you require whether that be focused close up or a wide angle picture to see motion in the vicinity. Colour cameras require a lot more light to give a good picture so generally external cameras in residential installations are often infrared. Monitors can be linked to view your camera from 4 inch up to 52-inch monitors also available in high quality colour LED. With the use of a product known as the Dog Watch RF Converter, the signal from your camera or multi-switcher can be placed directly onto your television network.


Colour by day, black & white by night, even when in pitch black conditions. This is achieved by fitting infrared LED lights to all these cameras. Night vision ranges are variable:

  • 10 Meters
  • 25 Meters
  • 40 Meters
  • 60 Meters
  • 100 Meters


Cameras can be switched from picture within picture screens to timed switches dealing with 2 cameras up to 32 or quads can be used to view all your cameras at once. Can be achieved with a conventional recorder or a 24 hour time lapse recorder. The use of a Multiplexer ensures the recording of multiple cameras and their playback. DVR = Technology is the answer!​


These cameras are controllable via joy stick and can also be preset to up to 164 positions which will enable you to use a single camera with auto focus and auto iris lenses to act as a switcher. A very fast system allowing you to see and focus up to 300 meters with conventional lenses at speeds of 255° degrees per second, a lot faster than the original Pan Zoom and tilt system (still available) that operated at +/- 6° per second colour, during the day and black/white at night.


The digital computer has revolutionized the CCTV market making it possible to record directly on Hard Disc drives with time and date stamped and easy searching for recorded events. Pictures are only recorded when motion is detected thus saving time and space. Alarms can also be created when motion is detected. Available for 4 to 32 cameras – this computer based system must have a stand-alone computer dedicated to its operation (Embedded DVR). Fixed monitors can be connected prior to being recorded to ensure real time smooth pictures for Control Rooms. Full switcher and quad capabilities are standard.


Recording up to 400 frames per second, divided by the 16 cameras as per system. Large hard disk drives are required to store this video footage. For this reason units that record at 100 and 200 frames per second are more popular. The Digital Video Recorder is able to be remotely accessed from anywhere in the world via a modem & telephone line. The pictures are also able to be played onto your LAN (Local Area Network), giving selected and trusted staff members the ability to monitor vital areas of your business. Embedded stand alone DVR’s are by far the most reliable recording platforms and are highly cost effective. Linux Software Driven – A true business management tool and profit protector!


  • It is very important having a complete audit trail of who has entered and exited your site. This may be the difference between life and death during an emergency situation for occupational health and safety standards. There are various options available:

    • Biometric systems
    • Intercoms
    • Remote controls
    • Tap tap systems
    • Vehicle license scanners
    • Tear off slips
    • Gate automation
    • Booms


• The system can be set up to allow certain staff access to selected areas of the building and property
• Disgruntled employees access may be denied
• Access can be limited to certain days and times
• A complete audit trail is available for investigations


• Domestic workers / contractors, gardeners are pre-registered and allocated to a unit number. Access may be limited to specific dates and time.
• Pre clearance once off entrance and exit codes can be generated for visitors.
• Tenants or residents that have not paid their levies can be removed off the system and will have to sign in as a visitor.
• Tenants or residents that have vacated the property’s details can be removed from the system immediately.
• A complete audit trail is available for investigations


Intercoms are often used to ensure that the visitor can talk to the security officer without the officer having to leave the guard house. This is very important for the safety of the officer and the visitor. The officer can then assess the situation and follow the correct procedures. Having an intercom installed on site may also aid the flow of traffic as visitors do not take up the visitors lane for those who have a pre clearance code. We assist with the design of entrance and egress gates to ensure safety of all and the flow of traffic.

Tap tap system

Tap Tap allows you to request an entry and exit pin for your visitor by simply sending a SMS with the wording TAP and the number of visitors (eg. TAP 4) to your MKII-S Intercom System. The system will then send you the pin for your visitors via SMS.
This 5 digit pin can then be forwarded to your visitors for instant access.
For security purposes the pin is only valid until midnight that day.


Vehicle license scanners are not only used to scan the driver’s license or license discs of a vehicle, but can also be set up for specific prompts e.g.:

  • How many occupants are in the vehicle
  • Declare any valuables e.g. laptop, tv screen etc.
  • Colour and make of vehicle
  • Is this a delivery
  • Firearm declaration

New android devices can also take photos of before and after – this would be used for deliveries. A delivery truck should never leave with items he did not bring in.

You can also decide if you will allow vehicle and drivers into the your premises who’s driver’s license or vehicle license disc has expired. This is of utmost importance on public roads for accident liability.


These tear off slips are very important to ensure that you do not have criminals scouting out your building or business. A stamp is required by each company as officers are not familiar with everyone’s signatures and these can easily be fraudulent.
Tear off slips alone cannot be taken as a security measure. Pre clearance is required and the visitor should be escorted into and out of the building. This allows for a very easy system, no signed slip no exit.


South Africa has one of the highest hijacking rankings in the world, with this in mind absolutely no one should make use of a manual gate system as this leaves that individual extremely vulnerable as well as the person sitting in the vehicle waiting.
Getting the correct gate motor is just as important to ensure no downtime and as to create a safe zone as most hijackings happen in driveways.
Yes, hassle free gate automation is now a reality. Speak to us if you want to remove the frustration of gate automation and make use of a smooth running automated gate.

  1. All concrete tracks should be laid using a 5mm thick angle iron with 16mm round bar on top to ensure minimal friction. This track must be level.
  2. All cabling must be laid in conduit. No underground joins can be tolerated.
  3. All wheels must be manufactured from bright steel Teflon.
  4. Safety support posts must be used to prevent the gate from falling over and causing injuries.
  5. Sturdy end stops must be used front and back.
  6. Dove Tail Brackets to capture gate in the closed position.
  7. Anti-Lift Brackets. To prevent a criminal from lifting and removing your gate to gain entry.
  8. Gate Motors must be secure in a steel cage lock to ensure that tampering does not occur. These are known as anti-theft brackets.
  1. Auto-close facility
  2. Anti-crushing
  3. Advanced lightning protection
  4. 12 volt battery back-up
  5. High speed operation
  6. SABS built in lightning protection
  • Infrared safety beams – to prevent a closing gate from damaging your vehicle
  • Courtesy gate lights – Controlled by a day/night sensor, manual switch or a timer switch
  • Remote controls – long range, from 1 to 6 buttons; operating on 403 MHZ or 433 MHZ. with code hopping for high security
  • LED gate status indicators
  • Pedestrian key switches
  • Anti-theft brackets – essential
  • Underground loop detector. Used for Booms & Gate Motors – can be safety devices on opening / closing triggers.
  • All gate motors can be connected to your intercom system.

We have sourced trusted partners that supply and install a range of boom gates that can adapt to your unique width, opening speed and functionality requirements. Whether you want a basic low-cycle or fully programmable and advanced variable speed barrier, we’ve got your covered.


The barrier would be installed at an entrance/exit used by vehicles. It has the ability to handle a high flow of traffic.


The housing is manufactured from mild steel or stainless steel and epoxy powder coated. The mechanism is housed in the top of the housing, which is easily accessible through a screw-off lid. The door in the front allows easy access to the logics that is housed under the mechanism. A separate mounting base, hot dip galvanise, for easy installation and corrosion protection.


A robust precision mechanism with block bearings is fitted with a 220V torque geared motor for reliable operation and secure locking. The motor and gearbox are enclosed in the same housing and are maintenance free. Loop detectors are also installed should this be a site requirement.


• Separate Galvanised-mounting base for rigidity, rust prevention on ground surface and ease of installation and maintenance
• Torque motor with concealed gearbox (maintenance free)
• In the event of a power failure the boom can be set to open automatically or stay in a closed position.


• Transit facilities
• Industrial facilities
• Corporate facilities
• Government facilities
• Military facilities
• Residential complex


The Manual Vehicle Barrier is perfect for environments which require some security control. This boom is operated manually at a guarded vehicle entrance or exit.


The frame and catch are manufactured from mild steel, hot dip galvanised or epoxy coated. The arm and weight are fitted to roller bearings for efficient operation.


The barrier can be locked in the vertical and horizontal position by means of a padlock.


The mounting plate must be fastened to a concrete base by means of 10mm raw-bolts or chemical anchors. A level, flat and solid surface is required for the barrier to operate correctly.


• Transit facilities
• Industrial facilities
• Corporate facilities
• Government facilities
• Military facilities
• Residential complex


A Spike Barrier would be installed at a higher security entrance or exit used by vehicles in conjunction with the automatic vehicle barrier. It is renowned for the ability of handling a high flow of traffic, and having optimum control of vehicle access.

The housing is manufactured from mild steel or stainless steel and epoxy powder coated. The mechanism is situated inside the barrier housing, which is easily accessed through the lockable door and the screw-off lid. The spikes cast in tray is manufactured from mild steel, hot dip galvanised and needs to be set into a concrete base. The spikes can be made of mild steel or have a stainless steel brushed finish. The mechanisms of the barrier pole and the spikes are interlinked and will open and close simultaneously. This barrier protects traffic in both.


The frame and catch are manufactured from mild steel, hot dip galvanised or epoxy coated. The arm and weight are fitted to roller bearings for efficient operation.


Robust precision mechanism with block bearings is fitted with a 220V torque geared motor for reliable operation and secure locking of the spikes in the closed position. The motor and gearbox are enclosed in the same housing and are maintenance free.


The barrier housing will be built into the ground with the industrial grating level with the road.


• Transit facilities
• Industrial facilities
• Corporate facilities
• Government facilities
• Military facilities
• Residential complex

At TRSS we provide security solutions which cater to your needs and suit your budget!