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Lightning fast response times is what saves lives. TRSS embraces any technology that can help us shorten our response times!


When you activate a panic, alarm, electric fence or anything linked to a radio, it triggers a coded signal in our control room. The signal is decoded and prioritized with your details visible to the controller.

Simultaneously the signal is received directly onto our Tom Tom Tablets in the reaction vehicle, this is known as Auto Despatch which cuts down the time delay between the signal to the control room and the controller to the vehicle ensuring faster reaction times.

When the signal is received, the control room will contact the reaction officer and confirm that he is proceeding to the premises –unless the reaction officer accepts the call via is Auto Despatch tablet before the control room. The control room will contact you on your preferred contact number. If it is a false alarm, you will be required to quote your cancellation code or password. If the controller is not entirely satisfied with your response the vehicle will continue en-route and deal with the situation accordingly. If there is a problem but you are still able to communicate with the controller, please indicate clearly what the emergency is. The controller will then dispatch the appropriate reaction team. If you know that the activation is a false alarm, don’t wait for our controllers to contact you, please contact our control room to cancel.

Upon arriving at your premises, the reaction officer will attempt to gain access. We recommend that if your perimeter wall has an electric fence or there is no obvious access point, you should install a digital keypad and advise our control room of the code. Should you require an access control pad our security consultants will gladly assist, they are fairly inexpensive. Once on the property the reaction officer will check the house doors and windows for forced entry. If the situation is under control he will contact the control room and leave the premises. Should this not be the case the necessary action will be taken.

Whenever you contact the control room, please always identify yourself by giving the controller your name and then your address. Once the controller has identified the correct premises on our system, they will be able to help deal with your call.

It is very important that you test your system often, we would recommend this be done at least once a month. Remember to contact our control room first and cancel the reaction by giving the controller your cancellation code. Contact Us On 086 111 4021 or 011 708 1895

Please do not test during peak hours when people are opening or closing their homes. Furthermore during adverse weather conditions all control rooms are inundated with false alarms, please do not test your system under these conditions.

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Our State Of The Art Control Centre

Does your service provider have an SAIDSA approved control room? If not, there are a few Insurance Companies that are now rejecting claims from homeowners due to the fact that your alarm system and service providers are not SAIDSA compliant.

SAIDSA Compliance

The South African Intruder Detection Services Association is an association of service provider of security systems. It is important to realise that when a security system is purchased, an ongoing relationship is entered into between the purchaser and the security company concerned. We have the infrastructure and the required expertise to support that relationship continuously.

Disaster Recovery

What happens if your control centre is unavailable temporarily or indefinitely? Your site can become valuable in an instance. Intruders can immediately take advantage of your system downtime.

Backup Solution

In the event of a disaster at your control room – TRSS has an immediate backup control room which can switch seamlessly to ensure that there is no downtime on your security systems. Our own infrastructure of fibre-optic cables ensures speedy recovery and immediate back-up to your control room.

At TRSS we provide security solutions which cater to your needs and suit your budget!