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Expert Guarding Services

Unfortunately, in the day and age that we live in, we are presented with many threats to both our personal safety and the safety of our possessions. There are plenty of criminals out there that will take any opportunity to make a quick buck and an unguarded property may seem like an easy target. Having trained, uniformed guards patrolling your property is a huge deterrent to criminals as guards make it virtually impossible for burglars and criminals to enter your property. Guards are also able to report on any suspicious activity and call for immediate assistance from the armed response unit. Protect your property by using the services provided by TRSS.

Our Success Story

Founded in 2000, we set out on a path to make a difference in the lives of not only our clients, but also our staff. When joining TRSS, you buy into a culture where we enforce high standards throughout our workforce. Our Security Officers do not only obtain grading through PSIRA, they receive rigorous training at our in-house SASSETA accredited training facility. Both founding members of TRSS are still active within the business and a hands on management style has ensured that we continue to grow from strength to strength after 20 years within the security industry. As a leader in the security industry, we have partnered with experts in the field to ensure that our clients enjoy the benefits of turn-key solutions as each and every clients’ requirements are different.


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At TRSS, we provide our expert guarding services to properties across a variety of sectors, including:


Industrial properties are often large and it can be difficult to keep track of who should be on the property and who shouldn’t. Our guards patrol your property with the use of real time GPS based patrols that are linked to our control centre, and ensure that only cleared personnel and visitors are on your industrial property.



Many commercial properties are filled with valuable equipment, which makes them a target for criminals. Protect your commercial property by making use of our round-the-clock guarding services which will look after your commercial property even after you go home for the day. We will ensure the safety of your staff so that you can focus on your business.


Residential Guarding

Our guarding services can be provided for your family home, or perhaps an entire residential street or residential complex and estate. We ensure the safety of your family and neighbours by patrolling the area, keeping an eye on vehicles and reporting on any suspicious activity, all the while warding off criminals. Strict access control is enforced to ensure that unwanted elements steer clear.



Security officers cannot be everywhere all the time, therefore it is important for technology to be implemented to ensure that there are more eyes and ears on your premises. Often officers cannot patrol sites due to the layout and infrastructure.


At TRSS we provide security solutions which cater to your needs and suit your budget!