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Our mission is to provide an effective, reliable and fast armed response service to ensure your family, assets and business is safeguarding at all times.

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The TRSS Armed Response teams are highly trained professionals who use the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Not only are they experienced in protecting homes and businesses, but they also have specialised skills to operate advanced weapons and to handle complex and potentially dangerous situations.

Our Reaction Officers

Every security officer who works with a firearm must attend a refresher course at least once a year at an accredited training provider. At TRSS, all our armed staff undergo this annual Regulation 21 refresher training. This is to certify they are kept up to date and their skills and techniques are of the very best ensuring the safety of themselves and those around them. They are evaluated monthly through actual statistics via our control room and boast the fact that we have some of the quickest armed response times in the industry. When you partner with TRSS, you will have a team of highly capable security specialists arriving at your doorstep in the event of an emergency to take care of your family.

Advanced Driving

In addition, our staff are sent for ongoing advanced driving training by a professional, vetted instructor. This teaches our Reaction Officers to anticipate dangerous ,unexpected situations and how to avoid them. They learn how to react quickly, control their fear and make important life threatening decisions while under severe pressure.

Our Armed Reaction Vehicles

We take great pride in having a large number of standby vehicles at our disposal for every shift ready to be deployed out into the filed at any given time for whatever reason. Our armed reaction fleet has in excess of 75 vehicles in the field with 10 standby vehicles always available should a vehicle need to be replaced quickly to ensure our clients receive ‘100% up time.’

Crime Trends

TRSS always stay ahead of crime trends by regularly attending community meetings including those of the CPF, Residential Associations and various police station gatherings. TRSS consistently initiates our own multi-discipline crime prevention operations ensuring the safety of our communities. We also interact regularly with entities such as JMPD, SAPS, National traffic police to mention a few.

SAIDSA Accredited

TRSS being fully SAIDSA compliant are approved and certified in the following disciplines:

  • Alarm Installations
  • CCTV Installations
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Armed Reaction

Bottom Line

The TRSS team is known for our proactive approach to fighting crime. We live to protect the people of our suburbs and to make sure that criminals face justice. We are efficient, skilled and our level of integrity is second to none!


At TRSS we experience phenomenal loyalty and dedication from our staff members, all our guards and reaction officers collectively stand proud each day as they feel honored to represent the TRSS brand!

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