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How to Stay Safe While Shopping on Your Cell Phone:

When it comes to online shopping, your credit/debit card details are your most crucial assets. These need to remain secure and the best way to achieve this is by shopping through official apps that are released by credible online shopping portals.

Outdated software can make you more vulnerable to hackers.

Look into antivirus software. You may associate antivirus software with desktop computers, but it’s a valuable asset to have on your smartphone as well. Anything that accesses the internet could be vulnerable to a virus.

Only download trusted apps. Beware of fake apps in the app store or invitations to download unfamiliar apps that arrive by email or text.

Don’t shop on a public Wi-Fi network. If you must shop or do your banking when you’re on the go, your phone’s cellular data is encrypted and will do a better job of keeping your information private. As an added safeguard, keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your phone turned off when not in use.

Only shop on trustworthy sites. Shop with retailers you know and be wary of offers you see in social media ads, email or texts. Verify that the site you’re using is real and secure. Using your mobile browser, look for the letters “https:” at the beginning of the site’s URL. This tells you their site is encrypted for better security. Also look for the “lock” icon next to the URL when you’re on the payment screen.

Use unique passwords on each site you visit. A password manager can help you generate strong passwords and keep track of them.

Avoid storing your information. Use guest checkout whenever practical and don’t allow retailers to save your payment information. If someone gains access to your account, they can make purchases without needing your credit card number.

Only make online purchases using your own desktop, phone, or laptop. Public computers shouldn’t be used for secure transactions.

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