Medical Response Services

TRSS is in partnership with of ER24, the leading private emergency medical care provider in South Africa. ER24 operate from 59 bases across the country and have been providing expert, efficient emergency response and pre-hospital care services since 2000.

ER24 has a very strong footprint in all major metropolitan areas and towns. Their medical emergency response team supports both private and public hospitals throughout South Africa, and we even offer a range of international services. The aeromedical evacuation service combines clinical excellence with cost containment to ensure the safety of clients without it leading to financially crippling fees.


Their Core Services Consist Of The Following:

Site Based Medical Services

These services are best described as the customised provision of EMS and an integrated healthcare support solution to a variety of clients in risk or remote locations in both South Africa and internationally.

Individual And Medical Solutions

This service includes ER24 Protect (a personal protection service), IDme and Training Academy courses for individuals, friends and family.

ER24 Global Assist

The global assist service offering includes access to the organisation’s international hospital group, aeromedical services, site-based medical services, medical concierge services, medical case management, cost containment and international patient management.

TRSS has been using ER24 and highly recommends their services– contact them on 084 124.

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