The main target of this unique training is to prepare our security personnel for protective operations in an environment where public safety is paramount. Our training center is SASSETA accredited.


We hand select only the best from the industry. Each and every new applicant undergoes the following pre vetting process:

  • Criminal fingerprint check – provincial and national
  • Credit check
  • Fitness test
  • Aptitude test which includes reading and writing skills
  • Reference checks
  • Voice stress analysis to confirm that there is no criminal intent
  • Interview with the Area Manager
  • PSIRA registration confirmation

Due to our stringent recruitment policy, only the best candidates are hand selected and unfortunately not everyone qualifies.

Once the applicant passes the above, he/she undergoes a 2 week training model at our boot camp where fitness, marches and drills are the main focus area. This training is done by our drill sergeant where he ensures that security officers are trained on how to deal with criminals and clients respectively. Our obstacle course ensures that only the physically and mentally fit make it to the next stage of training.

TRSS | Recruitment & Training
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    Properties Protected
  • more than
    Monthly Km’s travelled
  • more than
    Monthly emergency signals


All candidates attend classroom training. Dependent on the site requirements, each SO receives training on a different classroom model over and above our company’s code of conduct and standard site procedures.

These may include but not be limited to:

  • Hospitality and concierge services
  • Action drills on site e.g. bomb threats, fire on site, missing children etc.
  • Survival swimming training
  • Regulation 21 firearm training and refresher courses
  • Conflict management
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Access control protocol
  • Effective Patrolling
  • Fault finding
  • Report writing
  • Dog handling

We equip our personnel with the correct tools and training to ensure that they have the back up to conduct a professional security service.

Physically fit security officers are better able to provide high levels of organisational safety and customer service for employees, consumers and residents. training is designed to build upon shooting proficiency and test the students’ shooting abilities and decision-making skills. officers will become familiar with the types of situations that may require the use of a weapon and learn how to effectively deploy it.

TRSS | Recruitment & Training

The security training that our employees go through is the most stringent in the industry. The Tactical Task Team team is not only skilled and certified to use weapons, but their critical event and adverse situational training puts them in the position to handle any situation that may arise. This, combined with the technology we use, makes us the go-to provider of rapid response security services in South Africa.

Our mission is to provide an impenetrable security service to our clients, thereby ensuring that the environment and people remain safe and secure at all times.

TRSS | Recruitment & Training

TRSS | Recruitment & Training
TRSS | Recruitment & Training


• Security conscious
• Plan ahead
• Improve all the time
• Be on time
• Be alert & visible
• Consistent on delivery
• Act respectfully
• Our family is always reliable to staff and clients
• Reputable with our clients
• Recognised as an industry leader
• Be neat & tidy
• Act professionally
• Speak professionally
• Be dependable
• Always have the knowledge
• Always have the skill
• Always have the correct attitude
Customer satisfaction to our long-term relationship. We are committed to service excellence, quality products and a sound price structure
To be recognised nationally as a world-class security provider through quality, training and value
To be the best security company in South Africa
Every decision for the good of the company and its clients

"Safety doesn’t happen by accident"

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