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  • Install a home security system with alarm monitoring and armed response.
  • Never listen to music, watch a TV or entertain guests with open or unbarred windows or doors.
  • Report strange vehicles or suspicious activity in your neighborhood to your security company and the police.
  • Never leave a key inside of an exterior door which has glass panels or glass near it.
  • Don’t leave messages on your door stating what time you will be home.
  • Try not to keep large amounts of cash at home.
  • Keep your garden well lit and cut back your trees and shrubs to eliminate any possible hiding places.
  • Please ensure that your house number or address is clearly marked on the outside of your premises. This makes it easier for Emergency personnel to find you if necessary.
  • Store emergency contact numbers on your cell phone or make a note of them next to the telephone.
  • Windows should be secured or closed at night, even if you live above the ground floor.
  • Glass break detectors can be installed onto your existing alarm system, they can be set up to trigger when glass is broken even if your alarm system is not armed.
  • Ensure all your exterior doors are secured with security gates.
  • Burglar bars should be fitted over all windows, especially all windows that can open.
  • Outward opening doors usually have hinges on the outside, making it easier for criminals to remove the hinge pins. Install hinge bolts or security gates to cover these areas.
  • Sliding doors need to be secured against criminals lifting them off their rails.
  • Fit a peep-hole and chain to your front door.
  • Do not leave garden tools or items out when not in use, these can be used to gain entry to your premises.
  • It is your right to see identification cards of callers claiming to be government officials or company representatives. Insist on it, if they cannot be provided or you are still unsure, call your security company and the police.
  • If you come home to an open door or any other sign of forced entry, don’t go in. Contact your security company and local police and wait for them to arrive.

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