Article - S.W.A.T - Special Weapons and Tactics - but what does this really mean?

TRSS | S.W.A.T - Special Weapons and Tactics Blog - but what does this really mean?

S.W.A.T - Special Weapons and Tactics - but what does this really mean?

The South African security industry has been in existence for many decades and is one of the most sophisticated in the world, some companies even going as far as investing in Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Teams to handle some of the toughest situations in law enforcement.

A Security service provider’s S.W.A.T team should not only be skilled and certified to use weapons, their multi skilled training should put them in a position to handle any situation that may arise in the form of hijacking, hostage situations, intelligence, house penetration to backing up the Reaction Team when necessary. SWAT teams make use of a comprehensive range of security equipment such as drones, night vision equipment and helicopters should the need arise.

A capable SWAT team consists of teamwork, discipline, good judgement and determination. SWAT teams are competent and confident in their abilities to handle any situation whether that be during a SWAT operation or in any other assignment they may find themselves. These officers realize that their SWAT training has afforded them the opportunity to become safer, stronger, and more proficient than what they might have been had they not taken the opportunity to become a member of the special unit.

When partnering with a security company, ask if they have a SWAT team readily available to be deployed at any given time.

At TRSS, our SWAT teams receive expert training on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are always prepared. We have the utmost confidence in our team, and we are ready to take on any situation that may arise.

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