Article - Armed Reaction Officers - Are they trained and equipped to handle any situation?

TRSS | Armed Reaction Officers Blog - Are they trained and equipped to handle any situation?

Armed Reaction Officers - Are they trained and equipped to handle any situation?

When choosing a security provider ensure the Armed response officers go through extensive training before they are sent into the field. They need to know exactly what to do in any high-risk situation. Armed reaction officers need to be prepared for real world risks and situations. Candidates should receive state-of-the-art, sophisticated security training on proven methods to deal with current and future threats.

When Reaction Officers acquire proper education and training, they become aware of abrupt situations ahead of time. Security personnel encounters various problems every day that needs an instant response.

Professional reaction officers have a good track record of judging situations and know when it is appropriate to call the cops, while sometimes, they can resolve the matter and avoid involving the authorities.

Security officers need to respond to unexpected situations quickly and effectively. Whether that be someone acting strange, a thief, or an armed intruder, lack of physical fitness endangers them and the community. Motivating training sessions allow them to maintain a consistent mental and physical fitness level.

Security is a significant necessity for business and residential areas these days. It is pretty understood that when hiring armed response services, there is a need to provide training before setting their foot on site. Sadly, numerous security providers don’t deploy proper training.

At TRSS, even after stringent initial training has been provided, all our armed staff undergo this annual Regulation 21 refresher training. This is to certify they are kept up to date and their skills and techniques are of the very best ensuring the safety of themselves and those around them. They are evaluated monthly through actual statistics via our control room and boast the fact that we have some of the quickest armed response times in the industry. When you partner with TRSS, you will have a team of highly capable security specialists arriving at your doorstep in the event of an emergency to take care of your family.

We are all hopeful that South Africa will get better, but until then, we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from these criminals. For more information about Armed Response Services contact TRSS.