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Spring into action

As each new season arises, the elements of the weather and the traditions of the season leave us with different safety precautions and tips to consider. Although it may seem that the greater risks are behind us as we move away from the potentially dangerous weather we had faced in winter, spring has its own set of conditions to consider.

General safety is the first thing to consider heading into spring. Here are some spring safety tips to keep you safe as your transition into the new warmer season:

Easy home security projects:

  1. Get rid of the "hidden" house key - If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve “hidden” a house key somewhere outside your home, like under the door mat or in the shed. Burglars know where to look, and if they find your house key, they won’t think twice about using it. Instead of hiding a key outside, give it to a trusted neighbour.
  2. Illuminate your home's exterior - Shine a light on intruders. Take out the toolbox and install a floodlight camera or motion-activated lights to illuminate dark areas around your home.
  3. Trim shrubbery to minimize hiding spots - You probably haven’t considered your landscaping as a hiding spot for criminals, but that’s exactly what it could be. Trim overgrown bushes so burglars can’t conceal themselves while attempting to break into your home.
  4. Strengthen windows - if you were to check your home’s windows right now; chances are you’d find some were carelessly left unlocked or have inoperable locks. Fix or replace broken window locks and install a one-inch diameter wooden dowel. Cut the dowel to fit securely between the window and the jamb to prevent an intruder from being able to open it.
  5. Replace weak locks with strong deadbolts - installing a strong deadbolt is easier than you think and doing so could help save your home from being burglarized.
  6. Evaluate the strength of your home's doors - if a burglar tries to open the front door of your home and finds it’s locked; they could try to kick it in. Replace doors that are hollow, made of low-quality wood, or are otherwise easy to breach, with high quality steel doors or solid wood doors.

Figuring out how to secure your home doesn’t have to be a chore. Use these tips to get started. And relax—you don’t have to do everything at once.

Identify which strategies are most important to you and plan to add the rest later. Being aware of potential security risks and acting early is the best way to keep your home and loved ones safe.

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