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TRSS | How to Combat Organised Retail Crime

How to Combat Organised Retail Crime

As a commercial security company, TRSS has helped many businesses to secure their premises against organised retail crime by assessing the risks and advising on appropriate solutions. Here are some tips to keep your retail business safe from shoplifting, theft and burglary by addressing issues that include technology, staff and store planning. 

Advice From a Commercial Security Company on How to Combat Retail Crime:


There are various developments in technology that can assist retail stores in keeping their products and premises safe and secure. Some of the most common measures include:

Electronic Article Surveillance

Electronic article surveillance (security tags) that are attached to products and need to be manually removed from the item before it leaves the store is a common security measure. This means that if a tag is not removed or deactivated, it will activate an alarm upon leaving the store. These measures have become more sophisticated over time. These days they are harder to tamper with and bypass through the usual methods, such as by using aluminium lined bags.

Video Surveillance 

By recording what happens in the store with the help of video surveillance, security threats can be detected, patterns can be studied and deterrents can be put in place to combat retail crime. TRSS provides not only wireless CCTV cameras, but also install CCTV cameras for your business. Furthermore, we will assist you in finding the correct layout for the cameras to ensure that the entire premises is fully covered.

Monitored Alarms and Access Control

For maximum efficacy, security measures such as monitored alarms and access control should be linked to a control centre. This allows the systems to be monitored and, therefore, any irregularities or breaches can be dealt with swiftly.  

Biometrics, Movement Control, Number Plate Recognition and Facial Recognition Systems

TRSS provides biometrics, movement control, number plate recognition systems and facial recognition systems that are linked to control centres and are monitored 24/7. If a threat or alert is picked up, a response team is dispatched to your location. Implementing these measures correctly will minimise the risk of retail theft. TRSS can provide information on these and other security measures that are best suited to your business. 


Employing a security guard or staff member to welcome customers and monitor access to the retail floor can go a long way in deterring organised retail crime. However, this is not the only measure that should be taken. 

The hiring process should be part of the effort in combating retail crime and, therefore, all prospective employees should be screened for criminal background. The SAPS can provide a police clearance certificate at a minimal fee with the candidate’s permission.

Furthermore, employees can be used to deter crimes on the retail floor by being present and engaging with customers. Customer interaction can not only deter opportunistic crimes, but can also safeguard stores against future incidents.

Store Planning 

The store layout and displays can combat instances of retail crime by improving visibility across the retail floor and by keeping commonly stolen items under stricter control. Small items and items that are regularly targeted (such as cigarettes, electronics, medications and liquor) can be placed on shelves behind the cashier’s counter to deter casual theft. These types of merchandise can even be locked in display cabinets that are only accessible to the client when he/she is being assisted by an employee. 

For more tips on combating organised crime in the retail sector, contact commercial security company TRSS today.