Gate Motor Theft

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Gate Motor Theft

Residents are urged to take extra safety precautions if it comes to their electrical gate motors, as the increase of this sort of crime is at its peak again. The gate motors are being stolen, not to gain easy access to the property for housebreaking, but are being stolen to be sold and then resold. It is mostly the batteries that are being removed from the motor box – this leaves the victim with damage to the whole gate motor and not just the stolen battery. In addition, suspects are deactivating the gate motor and accessing the property while on a manual override.

Usually, residents who are not at home or who are in their homes do not notice the thief, only to find out that their gates have been tampered with and the batteries stolen when they attempt to open them.

The following tips could help reduce the chances of gate motor theft:

  • Bolt the motor gate into the ground to prevent it from being stolen.
  • Keep the gate motor locked to prevent it from being stolen.
  • Place the cage over the motor and secure it in the ground.
  • Ensure that when the gate closes, the edges fit together.
  • Install any device of your choice that will notify security when the gate is forcefully opened.

Also mark your gate motors, not just in one place but as many places as possible, by methods of engraving.

Your electric gate should be one of the first perimeter deterrents to protect you from crime.

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