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Two Golden Rules

Two Golden Rules

The Two Golden Rules Towards Securing Your Home, Estate, Business, or Suburb.

Running Alone

Running Alone Tips

There are certain safety tips you should follow when running alone...

Shopping with your Cell Phone

Shopping with your Cell Phone

When it comes to online shopping, your credit/debit card details are your most crucial assets...


Hijacking Trends

We have been warned of a new trend where motorists are being targeted while buying food at drive-thru establishments...

Rules For International Guests

20 Rules For International Guests

The following 20 important rules, you will greatly minimize the risks of becoming a victim of crime in South Africa.

Gate Motor Theft

Gate Motor Theft

Residents are urged to take extra safety precautions if it comes to their electrical gate motors, as the increase of this sort of crime is at its peak again.

Commercial burglary

Commercial burglary, how can you protect yourself?

Although burglaries are on the increase, you can help prevent burglary at your business by knowing the following valuable information.

 Benefits of a Smart watch For Kids

5 Benefits of a Smart watch For Kids

Here are a few benefits of kid’s smartwatches to convince you that getting a kid’s smartwatch will be the best decision, regarding the security and productivity of the child.

Security Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessment

A security risk assessment is a procedure that helps organizations identify, analyze, and implement security controls in the workplace.

Home Renovations

Home Renovations – how to stay safe

You may be forced to temporarily relocate during large-scale home renovation or construction projects.

Spring Into Action

Spring into action

As each new season arises, the elements of the weather and the traditions of the season leave us with different safety precautions and tips to consider.

Important safety tips for children

Important safety tips for children to follow during the holidays

Ensure that all doors and windows are locked. If you get home and the door is open or a window is smashed, do not peek inside, instead, go to a neighbour you trust for help.


Hijacking Tips

Hijacking is a very real and dangerous possibility in South Africa, here are some especially important tips to help you in an unfortunate event of a hijacking.

electric fence warning

Perimeter Security.

An electric fence / electrified fence is your first line of defense against intruders. Whether you chose a free standing electric fence, See-thru fence with piggy back electric fencing....


Security Systems to make your home and workplace secure

Home and workplace security solutions are very important as it ensures the safety of the occupants of the building as well as any equipment and other property on the premises

electric fence

Can You Improve Security With Environmental Design?

Beyond your access control system, you may want to consider the principles of crime prevention through environmental design.

home camera

5 Top home update tips from security contractors

Security contractors know what it takes to improve the safety of your home. While it is always good to have an armed response company watching your back,...


How to Combat Organised Retail Crime

As a commercial security company, TRSS has helped many businesses to secure their premises against organised retail crime by assessing the ...


Keeping Your Home Secure During the Festive Season

IT'Ss that time of year when you will be setting off on holiday and finally enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time after...


Maintenance Tips for Your Home Security Systems

A home security system is a sound investment, and just like any other investment, it needs to be looked after to ...


What Are the Benefits of Access Control Systems

Electronic access control systems are increasingly common among South African businesses. This is unsurprising, considering the crime rate...

5 Ways to Improve Security on Your Commercial Property

5 Ways to Improve Security on Your Commercial Property

Your commercial property is an extremely vulnerable place. Your staff, as well as every valuable asset your company owns, are on ...

How to Layer Your Home Security

How to Layer Your Home Security System for Maximum Protection

Strong home security is never achieved through one single layer of protection. If your yard is vulnerable, then only having an ...