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Our mission is to provide effective and reliable personal and asset security solutions to combat crime.
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At TRSS, we provide our expert guarding services to guard properties across a variety of Industrial, commercial and residential sectors.
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Technical Services

TRSS has a comprehensive technical service team who are able to install various security systems.

100 years experience combined!

TRSS has a Senior Management Team with in excess of 100 years combined experience in the security industry.


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TRSS is a high quality armed response, guarding and technical services company that focuses on protecting people, their properties and assets. This helps reduce liability while it promotes safety and peace of mind. We present a high visibility profile, with marked patrol vehicles and professional uniforms. We assure quality standards through internal policies and procedures so that you are assured that all situations are handled in the best possible way.

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We know that our duties are not only to safeguard properties and belongings, but the people in them too. That is why our highly skilled sales team conduct a free risk assessment before quoting any client. We believe in offering our clients a complete security solution instead of only placing boots on the ground. The safety of our security personnel is of utmost importance to us and we ensure that the site allows for this.

More than two decades in the industry gives us the power to perform exceptionally every day, every time.
As a strong security services provider we believe that our integrity and ethics need to remain above par at all times.
Our reputation is incredibly important and is one of our most valued assets.


At TRSS we provide you with an innovative and cost effective solution to all your security needs!


At TRSS, we provide expert guarding services to properties across a variety of sectors including residential, commercial and industrial. We partner with our clients to ensure the correct rollout is in place to combine technology with manpower.

Armed Reaction

TRSS Reaction provides 24 hour Armed Reaction services through and impressive fleet of over 75 dedicated armed vehicles in our footprint using high caliber Officers and the latest vehicle technology to ensure fast, reliable reaction times.


TRSS has a solutions driven technical team, fully SAIDSA qualified in multiple alarm systems, CCTV and all intruder detection devices.

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We have a multitude of services to offer you...
  • GPS Patrol System
    How do we ensure that our security officers conduct an effective patrol on site? We invest in the latest state of the art GPS based technology that prompts our officers on their patrols.
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  • Turnkey Solutions
    We believe in the onion approach where layers of security are added to your premises making it increasingly difficult for criminals to access the site.
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  • Recruitment & Training
    The main target of this unique training is to prepare our security personnel for protective operations in an environment where public safety is paramount.
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  • Offsite Monitoring
    Even if your house and business are fully equipped with alarm systems, CCTV cameras and perimeter security, you can't keep a hawk eye on all your assets at all times. That's where offsite monitoring comes in.
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  • Tactical Task Team
    As a leading provider of innovative security solutions to high-risk, client-focused environments, we are enhancing total value through service excellence and leading-edge products that improve client benefit and final client experience.
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  • Mobile Panic App
    TRSS Reaction's panic app is now available in the Google Play and Apple Store. It includes a variety of features such as a mobile panic button, medical response button, mobile functionalities so that you can test your alarms remotely, holiday instructions to make sure you, your family and assets are safe, and much more.
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Virtual Guarding


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Why choose TRSS as my security company?

TRSS has a Senior Management Team with in excess of 100 years combined experience in the security industry. We understand the importance of protecting families and businesses your most precious assets by combining Manpower with Technology. We have over 120 TRSS Vehicles on the road being instructed by a state of the art Command Centre.

Why are some security companies much cheaper than others?

Some security companies have only a PSIRA certificate to pull the wool over your eyes they can offer cheaper rates as they do not pay their guards and reaction officers according the legislated SD6 Sectoral Determination 6. This is very unfair for their staff who put their lives at risk every day. By not paying correctly leads to demotivated staff with obvious knock on effects.

What is essential to protect my home, estate, complex or business?

There are 2 golden rules to securing yourself and your property: Access control and Perimeter. You have to get these 2 basic principles correct. With the right advice, correct procedures in place and the correct technical installations you will have taken care of the biggest threats and only left to touch up on small internal procedures.

How do we as an estate, complex, business or home afford all the perimeter and access equipment?

TRSS will provide a detailed technical roll out plan to make sure that your perimeter and access control is 100%, we will also provide a finance option so that you can pay the equipment off over an agreed period so there is no hefty capital outlays.

What is a Threat Analysis?

Every home, business and estate should have one of these. TRSS will do this at no charge and zero obligation to you. We will provide a detailed risk analysis of all the potential security problems around your property with solutions. We have qualified and highly trained consultants that have an eye for all potential threats that criminals could capitalize on.

Are you looking for reliable, affordable protection for your family, assets and business?

Look No Further - Hire TRSS

We believe in combining technology with manpower and we will tailor make specific security solutions for you. While remaining in your budget, you have the choice of guarding, CCTV and our state of the art SAIDSA Command Centre to deliver the results you require.
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TRSS has over 20 years of experience as a security company.

At the end of 2015, TRSS Reaction was launched. RSS Security Services and Tactical Reaction Services recognised that they could provide a more effective armed reaction service by joining forces. TRSS was the result; a joint venture that combined the armed reaction services of RSS and TRS. We successfully merged the two armed reaction operations, including expanding and moving control rooms whilst still remaining fully SAIDSA compliant. The result, TRSS, provides better service to you, our valued clients.

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TRSS is a high quality armed response, guarding and technical services company that focuses on protecting people, their properties and assets.

Fully Insured & Legal Company
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