Article - Why risk assessments are so important

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Why risk assessments are so important

Organisations and residential estates / complexes often do not consider the importance of their security system until it has already been breached, resulting in frustrating losses and a lot of unanswered questions. In some cases, security breaches occur because an employee or resident forgot or purposely did not strictly adhere to a policy, and sometimes organisations neglect to put a policy in place.

While some people claim that conducting a security risk assessment is paranoid, taking preventative measures can save you countless resources and heartache in the long run. It’s easy to be distracted by security technology and lose sight of the mission to protect lives.

A thorough yearly risk assessment is the most important thing you can do to improve security as it ensures that the security system can adequately protect against the most likely threats. Learn how you can prevent security breaches with a security risk assessment. 

Understanding Physical Security & the Need For Assessments

Organizations are connected both externally and internally. Protecting the data stored in your hardware, software, and applications are is critical, yet it’s important that you focus on protecting physical assets as well, like your doors, entryways, and building. When you have established a robust physical security policy, you provide a sense of protection and safety in the working environment.

Residential estates and complexes have many feet in and out and information is often shared through loose lips and simply observing the pattern of security officers.

Physical security systems can incorporate any of the following:

  • Video (cameras, CCTVs, monitors, and encoders)
  • Offsite monitoring of these cameras
  • Access controls (gates, sensors, doors and locks, panels, alarms, electric fences and biometrics)
  • Signal verification of electric fences
  • Maintenance SLA’s of all technology and the turnaround time for repairs
  • Padlocks and keys
  • Security guards and their procedures
  • Immediate back up from armed response

A security assessment will help you to define your current state of security and provide a roadmap to a desired future state by mapping security solutions to goals. The professionals from the security provider company will be able to help you incorporate commonly accepted security architecture concepts to streamline your security vision from strategy to implementation. The main objective is to deliver cohesive, best practice security architectures spanning multiple domains that are unique and specific to the context of your organization.

Determining Proper CCTV Placement

The use of CCTV systems by security officers has become an essential aspect of a comprehensive security solutions and is a crime prevention tactic for many large facilities. However, if a camera is not properly positioned or is not functioning correctly, this proactive security measure is wasted. It is vitaliy important to have the CCTV system maintained and monitored offsite. Reputable CCTV suppliers provide built in analytics into their system. It is vitally important to invest in a well-supported CCTV system that is well known in the security realm.

A risk assessment is important for determining the proper placement of a CCTV system. Your prior security challenges will help to inform where the cameras should be placed too. Your team can assist with recommendations for placement and should be in charge of monitoring the system and ensuring it is operating correctly.

The placement and number of CCTV cameras and their scopes of view should be properly documented and continually evaluated and updated by the security team during yearly facility assessments. Ensure cameras are in areas where the view is not obstructed and the cameras cannot be tampered with. The piggy back model works extremely well in this situation.

Here Are A Few Telltale Signs That Your Security System Needs An Assessment:

  • Grainy Video Footage & Struggling To See Imagery
  • Can’t Expand Upon Current System Without Major Headaches
  • Alarm System Is Hardwired
  • No Remote Monitoring Capabilities
  • You Can’t Tell When Your System Is Down
  • You are only viewing incidents
  • You cannot make out registration numbers

Is Your Organisation Ready For An Assessment?

If you opt for a no-cost assessment, our experts will pay a visit to your business location and evaluate your existing security measures to determine what different or additional security actions are needed. It’s hassle-free and as easy as filling out the contact form on our website. Or simply call us at 086 111 4021 to learn more about our customised security solutions to keep your property, community or upcoming special event safe.

We can offer all types of fully integrated and custom security solutions. We’re proud of our decades of experience in serving a wide variety of industries including industrial guarding, commercial guarding, residential guarding, virtual guarding covering estates, office buildings and much more.

When it comes to the security of your building, it’s best not to leave it up to chance. Be sure that you have made every effort possible to keep your property, employees, residents and visitors well protected. If you have any concerns, you should consider having your security measures evaluated by a reputable company. Contact Us Today.