Article - Regulation of Private Security Companies


Regulation of Private Security Companies

Private security companies in South Africa are subject to a high level of regulatory control. PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) has begun to undertake an aggressive attitude to “cleaning up” the industry and it is starting to send out inspectors into your suburb and surrounds.

They will be doing inspections on all estates, complexes, suburbs and businesses where security companies are contracted to supply Guarding and Armed Response services.

Mr Sam Chauke - the CEO of PSIRA and his board have recently promulgated an increase in the fines and penalties for non-compliance. The heavier fines will be levied against security service providers, HOA’s, Body Corporates, Committees, Managing Agents and businesses who do not comply with the PSIRA rules and regulations as defined in SD6. The fines issued can be up to R1 million and potential criminal charges for both the security provider and the parties that appointed them to provide services.

Illegal security services have been operating for years by not paying their guards and reaction officers according to SD6, in addition to being illegal these are unfair labor practices used to exploit the guards and reaction officers who are there to serve and protect our most valuable assets.

Final thoughts, is your chosen security company registered with PSIRA? Are they complying with labor practices stated in SD6 regarding remuneration? If they are in full compliance, they will be able to produce a PSIRA certificate as well as guards pay slips and bank statements if required. If a security company hesitates or delays to give you the above information, you are in full right to check for yourself and ensure that you are not at risk of being fined - email: