Article - License Plate Recognition, is it necessary?

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition, is it necessary?

The public safety realm is consistently pushing new technologies that can automate laborious and time-consuming tasks out on the field. Technology isn’t a complication, it’s an ally. The right products and systems correlate seamlessly with your day-to-day processes, allowing for safer and more rapid responses to emergency situations.

License Plate Recognition offers convenient and safe tracking of vehicle and pedestrian traffic entering and exiting your premises from a handheld device. Office parks, delivery & dispatch points, recreational facilities, construction sites, residential estates - anywhere that needs positive visitor identification.

It assists with Flag blocked vehicles and persons from a predetermined “no entry” list.

Scanning is fast and information is securely stored, uploaded to the cloud in real-time.

Why choose LPR? First, safety: the license plate serves as a virtual ticket, and grants free-flow access, preventing stolen cars or ticket swapping. Since ticket and license plate must match at entry and exit, it is almost impossible to pursue fraudulent behavior.

License plate recognition can be seamlessly integrated with your existing surveillance system for added features and benefits. By scanning license plates as vehicles enter your premises and storing the information in a database, this software assists in making your security process safer, easier, and more efficient.

License plate recognition video analytics are known for their accuracy, where humans make errors. In the past, manually checking vehicles was the only option, however, this process took time and was easily subject to error. With video analytics in the form of license plate recognition, the system automatically flags unregistered vehicles and alerts your team accordingly.

Without the need for physical permits or tickets, you help reduce waste on your property, decrease operating costs, and eliminate the need for manual reinforcement.

Could License Plate Recognition Video Analytics Benefit You?

With license plate recognition analytics, you make it easier for your staff and clients to stay safer and enjoyed improved efficiency, all with reduced cost and effort. Safety is at the heart of everything you do. Integrating LPR systems can help to swiftly identify high-risk scenarios before they unfold.

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