7 Golden Rules of armed reaction

When selecting a new or evaluating an existing armed response contract – follow these simple rules to make sure you are getting what you are expecting and paying for

  1. You must get a free Security Officer in an event of a break in for that shift – security and Security Officering is a very personal thing and therefore minimum standards should at the very least be met.
  2. Your security company’s officers should respond within the minimum SAIDSA response times which are the industry standard.
  3. Armed response is all about getting to you QUICKLY when you need it most. That is why there must be a low client to vehicle ratio in your area.
  4. PSIRA compliant, trained, registered, remunerated – it may seem obvious but being registered at the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) is not the same as being
    compliant. Many security companies register but fail to:

    • Train their Security Officers according to PSIRA regulations
    • Comply with PSIRA requirements
    • To remunerate their Security Officers according to PSIRA minimum standards

    Some security companies don’t even register and therefore fall completely outside all the
    protection that PSIRA provides you as a client. In fact – it is illegal to hire a security company who is not PSIRA registered. If you do, you’ll be held fully responsible when things go wrong. Here is a list of minimum requirements you can enquire about before hiring a security company

    • The company must be PSIRA registered
    • Current status with PSIRA must be registered and up to date
    • The company must pay minimum Grade D PSIRA rates for Area 1
    • The company must pay time and half on Saturdays
    • The company must pay double time on Sundays
    • The company must carry the sick leave provision as per the labour relations act
    • The company must pay a night shift allowance per shift
    • Does the Security Officer receive a detailed payslip for the client and Security Officer to confirm shifts worked and rates?
    • Does the company offer a dedicated area manager?
    • Does the company offer multiple Supervisors per shift to the Security Officer?
    • Does the company offer a Security Officer “alert module” to prevent sleeping on duty and to stay in touch throughout the shift?
    • Does the company have a GPS – Security Officer Patrol Management System?
    • Does the company offer private investigations for all incidents?
  5. A reputable security company will do a professional investigation, risk assessment and written report after every incident so that you can have peace of mind.
  6. A dedicated armed response vehicle in your suburb with a low client to vehicle ratio. This allows for quick response times and giving you the confidence in emergency situations.
  7. Alarm equipment repairs must be attended to and if your alarm is not in working order, then a solid security company should provide you with a portable panic solution for a few days
    until your repairs are done. Equipment owned by the security company must be kept in good working order for your site to be monitored properly.
  8. The armed reaction security company must do more to be proactive and take a crime prevention stance. Therefore, free unlimited risk assessments upon your request should be done because that is the expertise you need to ensure you have done what you can to protect your property.

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